Lessons Learned In 25 years


Hey, guys! So 2 months from today, I will be turning 25! I can’t quite believe I will be 25 and it’s making me a little nostalgic to think of all the years that have flown by. From moving to a whole different country, moving in with my boyfriend, attending uni. So many great things have happened but there have been bad things as well. Rejections, getting fired and internal struggles.

With that been said, I’m so grateful for all the things I’ve learned and thankfully I’m still learning each day that goes by. Here are my life lessons learned so far.

Start saving early! My mother used to tell me this all the time, but I never truly listened. I did have a little saving account in my teen years, but as soon as I got my first apartment and moved out, things started going left. I stopped saving up and had no care in the world. Well, that was until I realized unforeseen bills were a real thing. AND LIFE.

Time heals wounds! It might sound like a cliché but this is one is my biggest lessoned learned in life! And how I wish I could tell my teenage self back then, that times WILL get better. You might feel like crap now, but you will feel better over time. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Have patience and have faith.

It’s okay to not be okay! Sometimes, life just gets to us. It’s ok to have a moment of weakness and be vulnerable. Cry if you need to.

You’re not alone! No matter how isolated and desperate you feel, know that everyone around you is fighting their own battles. You’re not the only experiencing what you’re experiencing. Don’t be afraid of reaching out.

You never get if you don’t ask! I wish people could read mind, but unfortunately, that’s not possible. So in order to get what you want, you gotta ask for it.

Be yourself, ALWAYS! Trying to be someone or something you’re not is no way to live. You will get frustrated. You’ll always be too much of something for someone and you’re not meant for everyone to like, so don’t change just for the sake of being accepted.

Stay away from toxic people! That person that is always negative and leaves you feeling exhausted after spending time with them. Cut them out of your life! Energy is contagious, and if you keep yourself around people with bad energy, eventually you will be just as miserable as they are.

Be your own fan/supporter! Getting ahead in this world is a struggle. Especially against your own self-doubt. You must be your own biggest fan in order to succeed. Don’t let the insecurities keep you away from being great

Keep an open mind and heart! Be open to new experiences and don’t be afraid of letting new people in.

If you don’t like your circumstances, change them! Be brave enough to revaluate and take the time to work on yourself.

Be in charge of you! You are not in charge of your neighbor nor your friend. You’re in charge of you and you call the shots.

Practice what you preach! If you preach acceptance, be a person of acceptance. If you preach love, be a person of love. If you don’t, then you’re a hypocrite

People don’t like when you’re late! I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I’ve never been late a day in my life. However, I’ve learned that nobody wants their time wasted. So try to respect other people’s time.

You can’t control everything! There will be so many things out of your control that you wish you could control but some things are just left up to fate.

There is no expiring date on insecurities! I’ve always thought that my insecurities would fade as I grew older. But I’ve come to realize it’s just a part of being alive and all you can do is continue to work on it.

Your circle of friends gets smaller! As you grow older, you start looking for people of the same mindset and connect with them. You’re no longer interested in making friends just for the sake of having someone to hang with.

25 is not old! I used to think 25 was old.  This is when you’re supposed to have it all together, have a degree, have a real job, have a house and kids. But now that I’m almost 25, I’m realizing there’s absolutely no one in their 20’s that has it all together and it’s ok!


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