Buh bye chapped lips..


The feeling of dry skin is so bad. Can you imagine something worse than that? I sure can! Chapped and dry lips! You may think of chapped lips as something that only happens in the winter, but the truth is your lips can get dry any time of the year unless you take special care of them. I’m one of those people who suffer from dry lips all year around and having full lips doesn’t make it any easier. Chapped and dry lips are a common problem that can be very painful and unattractive. But don’t let a dry lip get you down, because here’s 5 tips on how to cure and prevent chapped lips.

  1.  Don’t lick your lips! We think that licking our lips adds moisture, but it actually dries them even more. I’m guilty of this!
  2. Drink water! Hydrating from the inside will help keep your lips from getting dry.
  3. Exfoliate! Use a lip scrub to exfoliate your lips. You can get them in your local beauty supplier or a simple DIY with sugar and honey. If you’re like me and git very sensitive lips, you can use a soft toothbrush and brush back and forth.
  4. Stay away from matte lip colors, instead stick to lipsticks with conditioners like vitamin E and shea butter. If you must go matte, then apply a lip conditioner before.
  5. Stick to lip balms and skip lip waxes. Lip balms are the best way to keep your lips moisturized.

Hope you find these tips useful. If you have any suggestions you wanna share, let me know.



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